Tuition and Admission Program

All Inclusive Pricing

  • At Little Executives Daycare we understand the need for and all-inclusive pricing arrangement.  With one monthly fee you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs that may arise.
  • We will offer an all-inclusive single price that will include materials, snacks, language training, activities and complete webcam access.  We would also like to include a once a month field trip to and educational yet exciting place for the students to enjoy their learning curriculum

  • Discounts will be given for annual pre payments and multi-year contracts

Our Policies

        • Sign your child in no later than 8:45 a.m. ( or 1:15pm for afternoon schedule)
  • Take your child to their cubby to drop off any extra change of clothes, special blanket, or stuffed animal for nap time, and his coat.
  • Take your child to a teacher, fill them in on your child's evening and morning, while teacher performs a morning health check.
  • A full breakfast is every morning From 7am -  8:15 am. Let your child fix his or her own food and decide whether to eat.
  • If your child needs a noon dose of medicine, drop it off in the kitchen and sign the chart giving us permission to administer the medicine.
  • The key to a good separation in the morning is to make it definite that you’re leaving, and after assuring your child that you will come back, leave promptly.
  • Please make sure the gate/door is closed securely when you leave.

Sign your child out when you arrive.

  • Find a teacher and inquire about your child’s day.
  • Collect all your child’s belongings from their cubby, including artwork. Sheets will be taken home on their last day of the week.
  • Please make sure the gate is closed securely when you leave.
  • Only authorized adults on your child's Emergency Card can pick up a child or call us and let us know otherwise with a code word.
  • Please arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. (or at 12:30 if your child is enrolled from 7 a.m. – 12:30). You will be charged $1 for every minute you are late. The money goes directly to the teacher who must stay late while waiting for you.


  • Call us if your child is not coming in or if he/she is coming late.

State Law requires you to use a car seat to transport your child if he or she is under 40 pounds.

  • We have limited parking space available. Park courteously. If you’re not sure where you can park, please ask.
  • Feel free to call us during the day to see how your child is faring.

Label ALL your child’s clothes and belongings with permanent laundry pen.

  • If your child is in diapers, bring a box a week.
  • Bring extra clothes in case of any mishaps from wetting, food or having fun.
  • Leave at home: Family heirlooms, money, marbles, guns or knives, candy, gum, toys small enough to be swallowed or choked on, irreplaceable favorites.
  • Read the parent bulletin board every day. Post your own notices there. We are a parent information exchange.
  • We value open communication with parents. If you have any issues or concerns, please bring them to our attention right away.
  • Friday is show and tell day. Your child may bring a special toy or book to share with the class.
  • You must supply a clean labeled crib sheet and blanket every Monday. Take it home and launder it over the weekend.
  • We hold parent-teacher conferences at your request or ours. They are mandatory for both parties.


A fact of life is that children get sick, and if you have a full time job, that can be a down side to parenting. When a child is ill he/she needs Mommy and/or Daddy. They also need plenty of rest to get better. And, when a child is in preschool, state laws require that a sick child leave school and not return until that child has been symptom free for at least 24 hours. This does not mean 24 hours from the time the child is sent home from school. It means 24 hours from the time that antibiotics are started or from the time the child's fever is gone for good. Often this will be two or three days after you are asked to remove your child from school.

There are very good reasons for this policy. A sick, contagious child infects other children and their parents, as well as the teachers who are responsible for those children. It is imperative that you find alternate care for the times when your child is ill. It is also important to make your job aware that you may have to miss work to take care of your child. This is difficult, but for the protection of the sick child, as well as for the other children who are not sick yet, remember, that if your child isn't able to participate in normal daily activities, we will be unable to provide care. You should make these arrangements now, before your child becomes ill, so that you will not be caught unprepared.

When we adults catch a child's illness, we remember what it is like to be really ill. Sometimes though, we tend to trivialize a child's illness by saying, "He wasn't as sick as I am."

Here are some words that we hear from parents.

     "He was up all night"

     "He has a bad cough, and didn't sleep so I gave him ...."

     "He had a fever, but it's gone this morning."

     "He wasn't feeling well, so I gave him Tylenol and now he's O.K."

     "He threw up last night, but he's OK now.

Please do not bring your child if any of the above scenarios fit your circumstances.

It is only fair to the sick child that he/she be taken care of in a quiet environment, to sleep as he/she needs, etc., to recuperate fully. Remember, medicines that mask symptoms are not cures. No over the counter remedies are administered to children by our staff. We may only administer doctor prescribed medications, which are given at noon only.