The LE Difference

Our Hours

      1. Our enriched program is available from Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. We run all year long.
      2. We offer both full and part time programs for those seeking more extensive socialization and personal development for each child.
    1. We offer a flexible schedule:
        1. As a part of our program we offer a variety of schedules.
        2. We offer 5 convenient time slots and two scheduling programs: 5 day a week and 3 days a week.
          1. 7:00 AM      to 3:30 PM
          2. 7:00 AM      to 12:30 PM
          3. 9:00 AM      to 3:30 PM
          4. 1:30 PM   to 6:30 PM
          5. 3:30 PM  to  6:30 PM

        3. Daily Schedule
          1. 7 to 845: a.m. - Breakfast (7 - 8:15 a.m.) and free play
            8:45-9 a.m. - Break up into small groups determined by age and ability:

      Ducky and Froggie 12 – 20 months
      Teddy Bears and Butterflies, ages 20 months to 3
      Lions and Tigers, ages 3 and 4
      Rabbits and Chipmunks, ages 4 to 5
10 a.m.-10:30 - Morning snack
12:30 p.m. - Nutritious well-balanced lunches, emphasize variety and freshness.Includes fruits, vegetables and plenty of fluids.
1:30 to 3:30 p.m. - Naps on mats with sheets and blankets from home.

As a courtesy, please let us know in advance if your child will be late as this affects the planning of meals and nap preparation. We ask that you do not bring your child during nap time because this disturbs the other children. Your child must arrive before nap starts–or after nap time is over.

3:30 p.m. - Afternoon snack, which may be a hard-boiled egg, peanut butter and apples and juice or milk.
5:30 p.m. - Late afternoon snack.

    1. Our Environment
      1. Little Executives Day Care provides childcare of the highest quality, while providing a safe, nurturing environment by our professional staff. Our innovative environment will allow your child to grow intellectually, physically, creatively, emotionally and socially. Each member of our team is dedicated to enriching your child with the skills they will need in the school years ahead, as well as for the gifted and talented programs in our area elementary schools. Our well-trained team of teachers is continuously encouraging experiences that stimulate problem solving, personal interaction skills and hands on learning. Our curriculum, along with the theme of the month allows them to learn about the world around us while teaching them the basic skills in order for them to be able to read and write by the time they graduate Pre-Kindergarten.

      2. At Little Executives day care center, each child is cared for and taught in accordance within their rate of development. Our focus is to continually stimulate each individual student through an enriched educational environment consisting of activities, materials, and extensions that promote experimentation at every developmental level.
      3. We believe that within each child is the seed of unlimited potential, which simply needs to be nurtured, and allowed to grow at its own pace. So, in essence, we offer each child, the world on a silver platter knowing that the combination of our educational environment coupled with each child’s innate curiosity will promote independence, exploration, and creativity within each child.

    2. All inclusive Pricing
      1. At Little Executives Daycare we understand the need for and all-inclusive pricing arrangement.  With one monthly fee you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs that may arise.
      2. We will offer an all-inclusive single price that will include materials, snacks, language training, activities and complete webcam access.  We would also like to include a once a month field trip to and educational yet exciting place for the students to enjoy their learning curriculum

      3. Discounts will be given for annual pre payments and multi-year contracts

    3. Parents Corner
      1. Due to Little Executives unique location we have set up what we call the “Parents Corner”. We allow the parents of our students to come in and spend a few moments with their child, may it be on their lunch break or as they as passing by on the way to a meeting. We have an open door policy and would love for each parent to take advantage of our comfortable little nook we have set up.

    4. Our Technology
      1.  We plan to integrate any and all educational forms of technology, to ensure the understanding of its use in today’s world. Computers are introduced at approximately 3 years of age along with monitored use. Little Executive’s well-established operational format delivers premium, quality education and child care services, offering  an array of amenities and extra-curricular activities designed to make the child care experience hassle free for our busy parents.

    5. Lunch Program
      1. A customizable lunch program to each individual child is available upon request and the time of registration.